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When we first met many years ago, our dreams and wishes should come true. Loaded with backpack, compass, and an extensive photographic equipment, we break free from the so-called civilised world for some months of the year.


Looking forward very much to experiencing adventures we reconnoitre even the most inaccessible regions of the rain forest.

We have seen landscapes of unimaginable beauty, have lived together with people of all sorts of cultures, and we learned a lot from them about the wonders of nature.

Eventually, we learned to find animals in the dense green of the forest. Thus, we got an impression of life in the rain forest and how perfectly suited everything is.  

The screeching of the parrots, vibrant with colour, and the acrobatic performances of all sorts of monkeys are only a few of the reasons for us to break from our concrete world so we could enjoy nature's presentations.


Valuable And Interesting  Information About My Work (Dieter Schonlau) as A Photographer of Nature

Since 1998 I am member of the German Wildlife Photographer Association (GDT). 

For over 20 years Sandra and I have been traveling together to remote rainforests on both sides of the equator. We spent a total of over 10 years in the jungle (in tents, in hammocks or in self constructed quarters).

What really matters to me is the genuine image from nature. To capture a specific moment and to preserve it forever, this is the spirit of my photography.   

By applying much patience and my ability to emphasize I try to breathe life into my photos to convey a feeling for the beauty of the mystic jungle. 

My highest principle at all my taking of photographs is not to disturb the wildlife, or at least as little as possible. This also includes to leave those regions, which I was permitted to enter as a visitor, the same way they were when I first arrived. 

At the majority of my trips I take with me two camera cases, fitted with lenses with focal length of 16mm to 600mm. Because of the poor light conditions in the tropical forest, a solid tripod is an absolute must. Together with the many aids, which have become indispensable over the years, I stow them in a waterproof photo-bag. 

One of the most important aims of my work as a photographer is that the observer is able to get an impression of the breathtaking wide variety which can only be found in the tropical forest. The observer should realize, how important it is to preserve this unique heritage from nature.  

With my photography I also work for:

The department of Environment and Conservation of

the German government. 

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Germany






Dieter Schonlau

born 1963

in Paderborn, Germany.


Even when I was a young boy I was fascinated by photographs and tales from the rain forest. My greatest wish has always been, to roam the jungle and to capture life's breathtaking diversity with my camera. 

Sandra Hanke

born 1968

in Witten, Germany.


At primary school the teacher told me about animals not yet discovered who are living in dense jungles in countries far away. Since then it has always been my dream to reconnoitre these regions.




Cross-fading slide show

Unique photos of the tropical rain forest framed with the sounds of nature and a live commentary. All this combined in a thrilling slide show guarantees an unforgettable experience.



Large format photo display 

We have created different extraordinary photographic exhibitions with the aim of giving the general public a glimpse of the true tropical rain forest adventure. Using large format photos combined with true to life sound, the viewer gets the impression of personally experiencing the incredible natural phenomenon of the rain forest.   



Slide archive 


A steadily growing slide archive offering you fantastic images of nature with an emphasis on the rain forest. 


Photographic commissions    

Do you require photos of special themes, landscapes, animals and/or plants?   Are you planning an expedition to a remote location and require a professional photographer to capture this on film?     

Whatever it is you need - contact us. 

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